Color Masterbatch series

Through the ISO / TS16949:2009 quality management system, the quality has been effectively guaranteed, and the product has passed UL certification. With an annual production capacity of about 5000 tons of masterbatch products. It is widely used in automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, wires and cables, medical equipment, sporting goods, stationery and packaging materials.

modified materials

The main production of modified engineering plastics, with an annual output of about 10000 tons of modified engineering plastics production capacity. It is widely used in automobile, electronic and electrical, home appliances, OA equipment, medical equipment, sports leisure products and other fields.

fully degradable materials

At present, biodegradable plastics are very active in the research and market application of the best degradation materials. They have good thermal stability, mechanical properties, and excellent biodegradability. They can be widely used in disposable daily necessities, packaging materials, agricultural films and other fields. It is an important way to solve the "white pollution" of plastics.

About Hwc

Hua Wan Cai Industrial Co. Ltd. Is a national High-tech enterprise and member of Shenzhen Modern Material Association (SZPIA) and Shenzhen Modern Material Association (SZMMA). Shenzhen New Material Industry Association Council Unit, vice chairman unit of Guangdong Plastic Industry Association. Member of Japan Antimicrobial Products Technology Association (SIAA). The Company was founded in 1994 and located in Shenzhen , Dongguan ,Baoding Hebei. Our core business focuses on R&D, production and sales of high-performace modified plastic and Color materbatch. Antimicrobial PP material and fully Biodegradable Plastic. Department of Industry-University Research Cooperation Base of the National Engineering Research Center of New Polymer Molding Equipment of South China University of Technology, South China University of Technology Student Science and Technology Practice and Practice Base, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College Practice Base. We achieve and constantly out-perform the quality standard of the industry through the integration of 3 international standards – ISO 9001, ITAF-16949 and 7S management of 5-S. The "excellent" assembly line, with high-quality software and hardware, leading equipment and professional engineers, has become a strong guarantee for "excellent" products and enterprises. Mose of our flame retardant products have obtained UL certification from the United States. The series of products comply with EU RoHS 2.0/ REACH and pass the environmental protection requirements of the FDA food contact safety test tested by SGS. Some products have passed the Japan Antimicrobial Association SIAA certification, and the biodegradable material products have obtained the European German DIN CERTICO, TUV Rhein test certification, and comply with the European Bioplastics Association, the American Biodegradable Products Association BPI, the Australian Bioplastics Association ABA, ASTM D6400 and EN -13432 The certification standards of more than 30 countries such as Europe, the United States, and Asia.

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2020 SHENZHEN City LONGGANG rientation Competition

   城市定向赛是由定向越野发展而来的一项全新运动,由野外转移到城市内举行,集体育旅游,休闲娱乐,趣味挑战为一体,赛事以其“全民参与,全城热动,全能体验” 的特性而日益风靡全国。    “东部中心。龙岗坐标” 城市定向赛创办于2017年,在主办方,运营方等各单位的支持和 帮助下,已经连续成功举办3界,得到了广东选手和社会各界的一致好评,赛事品牌影响力日益凸显。 经组委会研究,定于11月29日(周日)举办第四届“东部中心。龙岗坐标” 2020年城市定向赛。      本届赛事吸引了众多选手参加,分为快乐成长线,时尚活力线,魅力龙岗线,生态休闲线,爱在龙岗线五条线路30余个点标,涵盖龙岗著名地标,古迹,商圈,风景等,已经成为龙岗一张靓丽的名片。  

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Shanghai International Plastics Exhibition

Our company participated in the 32nd International Rubber and plastic exhibition held in Shanghai in April this year! As the exhibition scale of the National Exhibition Center is the second largest in the world, it attracts people from all over the world! Our company also took the opportunity to introduce the latest anti bacteria high gloss plastic series! Get the majority of customers clearance and recognition. The result has the goal altogether! During the exhibition, we were specially interviewed by CCTV Channel 7. We are very happy to be able to broadcast the introduction on CCTV! It is our greatest glory to be affirmed for our colorful quality and attitude!

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国内8家卫浴相关企业获SIAA 认证 据SIAA(抗菌制品技术协议会)官网公开资料,截至2020年12月1日,已有超过43家中国企业成为SIAA的会员,较上半年增加约10家。 据不完全统计,卫浴相关企业占8家,分别是箭牌家居集团股份有限公司、佛山市恒洁卫浴有限公司、浙江怡和卫浴有限公司、浙江特洁尔智能洁具有限公司、西马智能科技股份有限公司、厦门一点智能科技有限公司、美的集团电子商务有限公司、广东筑智电科电子科技有限公司。 最近成为SIAA会员的企业是箭牌家居集团股份有限公司。据悉,箭牌家居于10月30日正式成为SIAA会员,集团旗下多款产品已获得由SIAA颁发的“资质证明书”。证明书信息显示,目前箭牌家居旗下的安华及法恩莎品牌均有多款产品获得SIAA认证。 分享链接:

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Huawancai presents the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Shenzhen radio first scene. Tell the story of Shenzhen. Our colleague Liao Xiemin has done some great works in his spare time. Mr. Liao, a citizen, celebrates the birth of Shenzhen SAR For three consecutive months, it took more than 360 hours A special portrait was made If you don't look closely, you can think that this is Is it made of more than 70000 plastic particles? The citizen center in the color grain painting is gorgeous The reflection in the water is vivid In addition to the beautiful shape of the building Even the light show can be displayed incisively and vividly Amazing!

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