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Under the epidemic situation, how to find reliable suppliers of antibacterial materials under the uneven antibacterial products?

With the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia worldwide in 2020, the new crown epidemic has become a global pandemic. People pay more and more attention to personal protection and hygiene, and the demand for various antibacterial products derived from it is also increasing. In the face of so many uneven antibacterial products on the market, how to identify and select the good products with antibacterial function?

First: industry regulation certification. When selecting antibacterial products, the antibacterial agents contained in the products should be selected, which have passed the certification of relevant industry laws and regulations. To some extent, it can reflect whether the products are safe and effective. Huawancai antibacterial agent has a comprehensive market regulatory support, in line with EPA, BPR, FDA and other relevant laws and policies.


Second, the qualification of the company. It is necessary to know the qualification of the raw material manufacturers of antibacterial agents, and the manufacturers with certain qualification can guarantee the reliability of antibacterial products and technology. Huawancai has more than 20 years of practical experience in antibacterial products. Through embedded solutions, it can challenge the thickness limit of product design and provide customized service. According to the actual demand, antibacterial powder, antibacterial masterbatch and antibacterial modified engineering plastics can be selected.


Third, antibacterial effect test data. This determines whether the product is really antibacterial. The antibacterial rate of huawancai antibacterial agent against gram positive bacteria (gram +) and gram negative bacteria (gram -) was more than 99.99%. Truly achieve broad-spectrum antibacterial, low concentration and high efficiency, antibacterial performance lasting.


Fourth, security. At the same time, it is harmless to human health. Huawancai antibacterial agent, tested by the authority, has good water resistance and chemical resistance. It adopts food grade silver based antibacterial technology, and can safely contact with human body.

Application fields:


Automotive field: air conditioning system, steering wheel, central control, instrument, door panel, door handle, air duct, etc


Daily necessities: chopping board, fruit and vegetable box, microphone, pen, water storage tank, toilet, Yuba handle, toothbrush, etc


Household appliances: washing machine, air conditioner, air purifier, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, juicer, microwave oven, etc


Other fields: medical, bathroom, electronic equipment, trolley rings, handrails, scanners, pistols, cash register, floor drain, etc